Watch: Numerous Sideline Cut Scores Successfully Pulled Off Last Weekend

Watch: Numerous Sideline Cut Scores Successfully Pulled Off Last Weekend

In recent years, the explosion in scores from sideline cuts has resulted in an uncontainable weapon for several sides. The ball will go out of play, that is inevitable. When it does, it pays to have a player capable of striking through the sliotar and planting it over the bar.

It happened several times this weekend, with Westmeath's Niall Mitchell landing an early score against Kildare.

Clare's Peter Duggan landed 0-5 during their win against Kilkenny, including this outstanding sideline cut.


Ronan Maher also scored an absolute beauty during Tipperary's win over Waterford on Saturday night.

The GAA has many innately pleasurable spectacles to witness; A full-body block down, a full-throttled shoulder, a shot that cannons off the cross bar and into the goal.

A system was once trialed where a success sideline score would result in two points. This was the reward and recognition the score deserved.

On the other hand, the strike is a rare opportunity to attempt a score without any marker and even if the ball does fall short, it is a strike in the general direction of the goal.

It is a difficult skill to legislate for, and opens up a can of worms in terms of what other types of scores deserve more recognition. In reality, it should just exist as it does, and we can continue to marvel when an attempt is successful.

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Maurice Brosnan

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