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Watch: Rob Cross Nails Nine-Darter In PDC Tour Event

Watch: Rob Cross Nails Nine-Darter In PDC Tour Event

Of all the sports that have been affected by coronavirus, darts probably wouldn't be one of the first ones you would think of. However, it depends on crowds more than most other to add some sort of atmosphere.

Watching two men throw darts at a board without thousands of rowdy spectators just isn't the same.

Despite this, the PDC has tried to keep things ticking over. They have been holding a number of smaller scale events in recent weeks, with the action being streamed live online.

One such tournament was taking place this afternoon, with Rob Cross managing to pull of the holy grail of darts in his semi-final win over Mensur Suljovic, nailing a nine-darter.


It's not quite as good without an audience losing their minds, but it's incredibly impressive nonetheless.

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