Brian O'Driscoll Detailed What Exactly Makes Garry Ringrose So Special As A Player

Brian O'Driscoll Detailed What Exactly Makes Garry Ringrose So Special As A Player

We already knew of Brian O'Driscoll's lofty opinion regarding Garry Ringrose. In the run up to Ireland's opening game of the Six Nations, Joe Schmidt revealed that O'Driscoll had sent him a text informing him of the progress which the 21-year-old centre has made.

In an interview with David Walsh for The Sunday Times, O'Driscoll went a little bit deeper about what he believes makes Ringrose so special as a player.

BOD describes the Leinster youngster, who this week was called up to the Ireland squad as a replacement for Luke Fitzgerald, as a 'hole runner'.

I have seen this guy at close quarters and he reads it quicker than everyone else. He sees it a fraction earlier and I think that allows him to play with the big boys. He is reading tackle situations earlier and that is the big thing from a defensive point of view. Attacking wise, I’m not worried about him. I saw him when he came straight out of school and came to Leinster. Got brought to Ireland training camp as opposition to run against us and you could tell he picked lines that I would have been envious of. I was never a hole runner like him.

BOD went on to elabourate regarding the terminology.

Someone who identifies where the space is going to be rather than where it is. I was different. You might have known what I was doing but I tried to do it as well as I could to beat the defense whereas Garry does things the opposition don’t expect. Lee Byrne, the former Wales full-back, was a similar kind of hole runner.


O'Driscoll feels that not only is Ringrose a player of ability right now, he also has the potential to be 'great'.

Maybe it’s because he’s a 13 that I can see it. But this guy is good. I think he can be great but he’s already good.

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