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Ryle Nugent Clarifies Points Regarding RTE Award Following Paul Kimmage Criticism

Ryle Nugent Clarifies Points Regarding RTE Award Following Paul Kimmage Criticism

Over the last few days, a number of individuals in the Irish media have criticised the RTÉ Sportsperson of the Year award nominee list.

On Saturday, in his Irish Daily Star column, Eamon Dunphy wrote that the exclusion of Robbie Brady and inclusion of Conor McGregor was 'ludicrous'. Dunphy is not a fan of what he 'struggles to class as a sport'.

The Sunday Independent's Eamon Sweeney questioned why one half on Ireland's Olympic silver medal winning boat, Gary O'Donovan, was omitted from the list while his brother Paul was included. He found this most inexplicable due to the naming on the list of Paralympic tandem cycling duo Katie George Dunlevy and her pilot Eve McCrystal.

Sweeney's sentiments were echoed by Paul Kimmage, who was on The Last Word with Matt Cooper. Kimmage called the award list a 'complete joke' while also criticising the use of a public vote to decide the winner.

Following Kimmage's appearance on Today FM, RTÉ Head of Sport Ryle Nugent used Twitter to clarify a few points regarding the list.

Though it certainly is not apparent from RTÉ's press release regarding the nominees, which states: 'Katie George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal - Won Paralympic tandem cycling gold and silver medals', Nugent says that Dunlevy is on the list as an individual.

He adds that only Paul O'Donovan being nominated and his Olympic silver medal-winning brother Gary being excluded is due to Paul's achievement at the World Rowing Championships in late August where he won gold.



There followed a testy exchange between Kimmage and Nugent on Twitter.

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