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Some Classic TV Shows Have Been Added To The RTE Player

Some Classic TV Shows Have Been Added To The RTE Player

For next couple of weeks, everyone needs to do their part in order to ensure that we keep our distance and stay indoors.

That, of course, includes broadcasters, who need to provide us with entertainment in order to keep our heads.

RTE, on-top of providing expert public service broadcasting over the past number of days, have decided to bless us with a number of classic programmes to keep ourselves ticking over.

Their own shows, namely 'Love/Hate', 'Can't Cope, Won't Cope' and 'Room to Improve' are all there in their entirety ready to binge. However, when you dig a bit further, gold is found. The RTE Player has the entire 'ER' boxset for you to feast your eyes upon. If a youthful George Clooney doesn't float your boat, nothing will.

Also, they've added certain seasons for a few other classic US shows like 'Frasier'.

But, when you're digging, sometimes you hit the jackpot.

You want a reminder of better days? How about 'Bachelor's Walk'? Never mind 'Bachelor's Walk', if you want pure artistic expression, get onto all of 'Paths To Freedom'.


Not enough protagonists on TV wear League of Ireland jerseys, we need to see more of that action.

You can also get all of your key current affairs shows too, because reality is never too far away.

Now, once we get all of Euro '88 up there, we'll be laughing.

Here's the link you need:

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