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Leo Varadkar Continues Pop Culture References In Speeches With 'Mean Girls' Quote

Leo Varadkar Continues Pop Culture References In Speeches With 'Mean Girls' Quote

Every time Leo Varadkar has addressed the nation throughout the lockdown, people have been waiting for what pop culture reference his speech writers have come up with.

We've ran the gamut of references, with Dermot Kennedy, Terminator 2 and Lord of the Rings all being rehearsed as nuggets of wisdom amidst the coronavirus.

Today's announcement on the country's easing of lockdown restrictions was no different, with Varadkar quoting a seminal line from 2004's cult film, Mean Girls.

"The limit does not exist" is taken from a scene from a Calculus Championship, where the protagonist Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, is faced with the final equation.

Although distracted by outside influence, Heron eventually finds the answer the equation is exponential and cannot be calculated. Therefore, "the limit does not exist".


The Taoiseach was dared by Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame during the week to reference the teenage comedy, and Varadkar listened.

The actor, who played Samwise Gamgee in the franchise, propositioned Varadkar on 2fm, betting the Taoiseach "50 quid that you can’t fit Mean Girls into the next one."

We're sure Astin is going to make good on his bet.


The Taoiseach's speech, aside from Mean Girls references, detailed the country's move into Phase 3 of easing COVID-19 restrictions.

From Monday 29 June, several businesses and services can return to work. Churches, gyms, cinemas and barbershops can all open up provided they adhere to capacity restrictions and social distancing measures.

Team and close-contact sports for both adults and children can also return from that date.

Spectators and capacities for indoor and outdoor events have also been set under Phase 3. Indoor events can have a maximum capacity of 50 people, with outdoor capacities set at 200 people.

Just where can Varadkar's speeches go from here? Richie Kavanagh references? Maybe a touch of Samantha Mumba?

Either way, we'll be waiting with baited breath.

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