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'Parasite' Actor Stars In Entralling Netflix Heist Thriller Dropping Later This Week

'Parasite' Actor Stars In Entralling Netflix Heist Thriller Dropping Later This Week

Parasite was undoubtedly the surprise smash hit of the last 12 months. The Korean drama, which was directed by Bong Joon-ho, became the first foreign language film to win the 'best picture' at the Academy Awards, catapulting it into the consciousness of an even larger audience as a result.

It has also introduced people to the world of Korean cinema, with a new offering on Netflix looking like it has the potential to be another international success from the country.

Time to Hunt, which star's Parasite's Woo-sik Choi, will be released on the streaming sight on Thursday, April 23rd.

It is set in a dystopian future, where a financial crisis in the Asian country sees slums poverty-stricken spring up major cities. The movie follows the attempts of four friends to break this cycle by planning an ambitious heist.

The description under the trailer on YouTube reads:

In hopes of escaping a dystopian city and a chance at a new life, four friends with nothing to lose plan a casino heist. But what seemed like a bulletproof plan turns into a chase for their lives when they fall prey to a mysterious hunter who wants them dead.

You can watch the trailer in full below.


Woo-sik Choi put in a fantastic performance as protagonist Ki Woo in Parasite, and we are looking forward to seeing him in this.

This is one of a number of popular recent releases on Netflix, with French movie Earth and Blood also proving to be a hit over the past few days.

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