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The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch On Christmas Day

The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch On Christmas Day

What is Christmas about if not for countless of mindnumbing hours rooted to the coach as you cradle a tin of Roses? The turkey has been eaten, but now what to do with yourself for the rest of the day?

For those of you in doubt, here's three things on TV to fill your time on Christmas day.

Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special -  BBC One, 8.30pm

Gavin & Stacey ended its three season run on January 1st, 2010 as one of the most beloved sitcoms of recent times, with a following that is still going strong today.

When the news came that the show would return for a Christmas special, there was a mixture of excitement and dread. Would it live up to the standards set by the previous episodes after a decade long gap? The good news is that the cast seem to have genuinely loved the episode, leaving the rest of us with high expectations.


The episode will see the Shipmans and Wests, as well as Smith, Nessa, and all the gang, gather to celebrate Christmas in Barry Island.

How will they all be coping with parenthood? Will Dawn finally give Pete the boot after she makes a startling discovery on Christmas eve? Will they ever tell us what happened on that bloody fishing trip?!

We're looking forward to finding out.

The Great Christmas Bake Off - Channel 4, 7.10pm


The Great British Bake Off seems to be growing in popularity each year, with this year's version a roaring success.

The Christmas special will see four former contestants return to take on some festive baking challenges. Status Quo will also make appearance, weirdly enough.

There's nothing quite like than judging some incredibly talented bakers for making a small mistake on a ridiculously difficult challenge that you wouldn't even be able to start. It'll be even better on Christmas.

The Wizard of Oz - Virgin Media One, 4.45pm

Have you seen it a hundred times? Yes.

Will you watch it again and absolutely love it? Also yes.

The Wizard of Oz is one the all-time great Christmas flicks, even if the actual film itself has nothing to do with the holiday. It has become synonymous with December 25th over the years and is widely regarded as one of the most beloved movies of all time.

Some of the younger ones in your life may not be all that familiar with it, so now is the ideal time to introduce them to Dorothy's journey back to Kansas.

It also on a perfect time to beach out on the couch after eating yourself to the brink of a food coma.

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