Furious Davy Fitzgerald Hits Out At Sending Off Decision During Galway Draw

Furious Davy Fitzgerald Hits Out At Sending Off Decision During Galway Draw

Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald has hit out at the decision which saw him sent to the stand in the second half of their Leinster championship clash with Galway in Pearse Stadium.

Fitzgerald confronted a linesman after an off-the-ball incident resulted in one of his players falling to the ground. The game ended in a dramatic draw 0-16 a piece, but as far as Fitzgerald is concerned, he was the victim of a poor call.

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In his post-match interview, Fitzgerald said they way referees treat him is unfair.

It was an off the ball incident. I made my feelings. We've played them now twice, he didn't stay down for no reason and that cost us a score. Now I've seen other people come onto the field and make points, be just as animated. Yet, there's one fella. I get sent all the time.

I don't think it is personally fair on myself. If you look at the whole thing I promise you, you will see more people giving out. That official wanted to make a name for himself and fair play to him, he probably did.


Speaking to last month, Rory O'Connor said the players feed of Fitzgerald's sideline conduct: "He’s great to have on the sideline because he’s going to fight your corner to the death. As long as we stay focused and not get distracted, it’s a bonus for us.”

Despite today's punishment, it looks like the Wexford boss will continue to do as he does.

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