Podcast: The Most Dramatic 'Stump Fynchy' Yet

Podcast: The Most Dramatic 'Stump Fynchy' Yet

If you like football quizzes and you haven't listened to Stump Fynchy yet, where have you been?

Each week, Balls.ie's resident football trivia dork Sean Fynchy Meehan puts his money where his mouth is by donning an obscure football jersey and standing up to a trivia onslaught.

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Taking on the combined forces of former Ireland captain and manager Mick McCarthy and Westmeath goalkeeping All-Star Gary Connaughton, Fynchy must meet a sometimes impossible target set by the lads in two minutes or rapidfire football questions.

After a strong start by Sean, Mick and Gary have gotten their act together in recent weeks, winning three of the last four contests and well and truly Stumping Fynchy. The Mastermind's confidence is shot. Has he it in him to come back one more time?

Have a listen to this week's show to see how he got on.

SPOILER: It's dramatic. Possibly the most dramatic finish we've had yet. At least since the whole Sergej Barbarez affair!


If you think you a (football) friend can do better than Mick or Gary, why don't you have a go? There's a €50 Just Eat voucher available if you can Stump Fynchy. Just email [email protected] to apply.



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