New Podcast Relives Possibly The Greatest Ever Irish Sporting Day

New Podcast Relives Possibly The Greatest Ever Irish Sporting Day

We may be starved of sport at the moment, but that sure as hell isn't going to stop us talking about it. As part of a new schedule of podcasts being launched this week on Balls.ie to deal with the lockdown, yesterday we brought you the first "This Week In..." podcast, which looks at this particular week in a year gone by, a week when we weren't so cruelly deprived of sport.

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The first choice was an easy one. That's because this week in 2009, we experienced one of the truly great days in Irish sport. In Cardiff, Declan Kidney led Ireland to our first Grandslam in 61 years. Later that night, Bernard Dunne knocked out Ricardo Cordoba to win the world title in his hometown. It's a day that may never be paralleled in Irish sport and Mick, Donny and PJ did their best to relive it.


As part of the show, the lads relive the two events with observations on what they had forgotten or, crucially, misremembered.


There was also a lot more going on that week, including a Liverpool surge in the Premier league title race, the inauspicious start of the Kilkenny Tipperary rivalry that would define the next decade of hurling, and lots more, not forgetting the small matter of a poll deciding Ireland's sexiest celebrity!

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